Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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My pre existing health condition will effect my premium?

Each company uses their own criteria to determine which health class you will qualify for and your resulting life insurance rates. In fact, it is entirely possible for the same person's health class to rate as "Standard" with one company and "Preferred" with another! Some factors such as smoking can have a direct impact on determining your health class. Here are some health class rating guidelines for non smokers.

"Preferred" rates require excellent overall health and a healthy lifestyle. Each company's guidelines determine limits on weight to height, cholesterol, blood pressure, and family and personal health history. You must not have a history of alcohol abuse or drug use. You may not be involved in hazardous activities.

Please note that some insurance carriers require a simple medical examination prior to determining your actual health class and resulting rate. This determination may differ from the initial health class or rates you were quoted during the application process. Return to Questions